hoping to hear from you soon

senegalHello sweetheart,
Thank you for your mail to me this mornning, I am really grateful,The lord almighty will bless you for me, Honey Please try as much as you can to see that everything goes fine so that i will come over to your country and have a good life over there with you, Please always keep this mater to your self for security reason, Please i will like to know if you will help me for the transfer so that i will know the next thing to do,If you want to help me let me know so that i will send you the bank contact for you to contact the bank and hear from them,please if you want to call me you call around 1:00 or 2:00 GMT with the reverend number (+221-77-305-7365 ) for more information,Please My prayers are with you and believing that we will be together soon, Please take care of your self for me and always keep in touch with me as i wait to hear from you soon,
Yours forever love maureen

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hello sweetest,
I'm gonna be onest,
first: you didn't answer on my questions.
second: I'm not interested in the almighty, because its just fiction, I don't believe in any kind of relegian.
if I want to help you? not so fast, you didn't answer the questions I asked.
You don't know me, and I don't know you, so why would I want to live with you without knowing you right now? it's not that simpel, do you understand?
oh, and I do care fot myself, right now.
;-) till next mail sweety

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