Ekaterina bis 2

Hello my love Watje!

I am glad to see your new letter and it is pleasant to me to read it again. My darling Watje you can help me with my trip to you? You me excuse that I ask from you the help. But me any more to whom to address except you. You unique for whom I hope, as I already tried to search for money, but all without result. I wish only one, it as it is possible to see you soon. I want it above all!!! To me it is bad without you, it is heavy to me to live long expectation and in uncertainty! I wait, I very much wait that day when I will see you when I will feel your touch and when we at last will be together!!

 I love you my love Watje all heart!!!

I finish my letter and with impatience I wait your fast reply.



I'm waiting too, waiting of my picture I asked you, I see no knife, no spoon, your arms ar not crossed :(
mmmmoney, yeah, Fortis, go to Fortis :-)
lovely scam.....

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