twee brieven van een typische scammer. het zijn typische scammers die steeds beweren in de Usa te wonen, maar door omstandigeheden in Afirka zijn voor een tijdje. het zijn steeds dezelfde verhalen maar in een ander kleedje.


Hello How are you doing Am Cherry Flesner and am from Colorado In Aurora  Am30year Old woman I am a very responsible person in any situation that I face. I have a kind and big heart that is full of love that I would like to give to a man who could appreciate it. I am sincere,careful, trustful, reliable, purposeful, I have a good sense of humor. I know that people can¢t be bored with me. I always work at my perfection in any domains. I'm very active person; I don't like people lying on the sofa watching TV all the day round. But relaxation has nothing in common with lazybones. I appreciate people with the sense of humor. A good laugh helps in many situations. The best relaxation is humor, is not it? I like to be outdoors, camping, sea, mountains and of coarse animals, especially dogs (especially big)! Ofcoarse reading, theater and music! I like to meet new people, adore children, to hear their laugh and to see their smiles!
I am looking for someone who has similar soul as me!! Somebody sociable, easy-going, optimistic, sincere with a good sense of humor, original. Love is everything and my second half should be ready for a float of LOVE!!!! I promise to be a good, reliable and devoted friend to you! I think friendship is a good start for real and deep love! Are you agree? But I believe in love at first sight and Im ready for it! Write to me if you are just the man and feel the same! who carries the stereotype features of a hero and hunter, who is severe - respectable and imperious, an organizer of attractions of unprecedented generosity and kindness. I see my partner being very nice, caring, open-minded person. he should not be small minded and he should know what he wants from his life. This gentleman must have a good sense of humor. He should tolerate all the cultures as they fulfill our world. Have been Burned and Lie to In the Past I Will Never Want that to Happen to me anymore that why am on here to Look for a Soulmate!!!..Hope to Read from you so soon
Take care
Cherry Flesner


Thanks for getting back to me...How you doing today? hope  you are fine and great and your work?  hope it all went fine and great with you.
      Am very glad and happy to hear back from you and also to see that you are interested in me .I hope you are are a real man willing to love me for whom I am...I like to let you know that have been in a relationship before in my life and i wouldn't want  to meet or make the same mistake again in my life ...am sure you know what am talking about.. my ex whom i think he loves me and want to be with me for the rest of his life but he absconded with my late father money.
   This makes me very scared of all men and has made me not to engage in any kind of relationship for some years now . But i guess I have to move on with my life to be able  to have my own family that I can take good care of...And look onto them in my life ok.Because we fall to rise and we make mistakes to learn from it ok.
I will like to ask you some question and I want you to please be honest with me?
The first thing is that if I can count on love in my life...if I can be able to love you for whom you are and what you are also.
The second one is if you are whom you said you are and looking for love and happiness in your life.
The third one is that if you want to have kids in your life ….and also tell me the kind of father you are ok.
The fourth one is if you are a God fearing person...if you go to church and believe in God.

The Fifth one is if you are a responsible caring and understanding man ...if i can be able to love you and count on your love in my life and for the rest of my life .
    I don’t know how you will feel about this or take this but I just have to let you know from the start that am in west Africa to get my late fathers luggage am the only child he had in his life time and he has also deposited that in my name ...I don’t know what to do about it for now .
   Baby I hope this doesn’t get you scared away it’s the truth ..and i will want you to decide about it from the start ok .
I will wait for next mail telling the truth about all I have asked from you also to promise me you will me open minded with me , be there for me for the rest of my life



cut tweecute een


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