Yana Jones

Hello my dear friend.

How are you today and how is the weather over there?. Now let me tell you more about my self  I am Miss Yana Jones, I am 16years old and I was studying business administration in the University of Accra but currently I am not studying anymore because of the death of my parents because things has really been hard for me since the assassination of my dearest late father I don’t even have relatives and friends to talk and communicate with, I am all alone living here in the Christ Embassy church Dakar I am living here for some time now and I am not dreaming to go back to my country because I have been so afraid to go back to my country since the assassination of my father and since I have no one to stay with there because my mother is also dead from a cancer illness and I am alone in this wide world.

Dear I contacted you because I am in search of a good friendship, but most important I am looking for a sincere, honest and caring person to communicate with maybe we can become more than friends, because I will like to have a serious relationship with a man that will get to love me with all his heart and a man that will be sincere and caring to me whom I will trust and love with all my heart too.

I have no much thing to say now but I am sending you my photos to enable you know the person you are corresponding with. And hope you will be able to send yours to me in return if possible. And please do not fail to reply my mail just to let me know that you receive it and then I shall reply you back with more details about me and we shall start from there.

Have a nice day and I'm waiting anxiously to read from you as soon as possible.
From your truly friend.


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Er in met boter en suiker...nee toch.
Ook dit is www

You are my friend....give me your money!

Gepost door: Henriette | 05-05-09

@ Henriette ge zou verwonderd staan hoeveel er in lopen :-)
en ze blijven maar proberen :-)

Gepost door: watje | 05-05-09

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